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The prudential sugar corporation Ltd is one of the largest producers & exporters of sugar in the country. Sugar manufactured by The Prudentail Sugar corporation Ltd is recognised as a primum quality product having global reach & acceptance

The white plantation white sugar is produced at Nindra in Andhra Pradesh (India) by Double sulphitation followed by syrup clarification by phospho floatation process. The plantation white sugar thus

produced not only meets the specifications of ISS standards of Govt of India but also surpasses in many of quality aspects. Due to double purification steps, the sugar produced contains lower color and other impuriies The quality:

The polarisation of sugar produced is 99.8%. The Icumsa (color value ) of sugar, one of the main quality criteria, is around 75 units (by method 10) The bolder variety of sugar produced and marketed as M30 (around 1.2 mm size) commands a premium in the Indian /Overseas Market. We also produce large size crystals (1.7 mm ) which is marketed as L30 as per market requirements. We have been regular exporters of sugar to other countries over the last decade

The Prudentail Sugar Corporation Ltd. Is a pioneer in the manufacture of alcohol through molasses fermentation. The rectified spirit of 95% v/v is feed to a distillation column and the vapour from the column is Feed to the MSDH after superheating. Sieve Beds remove Excess water by the process of adsorption. From this process We get 99.90% v/v Ethanol.

  • Rectified Spirit
  • Industrial Alcohol
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol
  • Anhydrous Alcohol(Fuel Alcohol)

The Prudentail Sugar corporation Ltd. has implemented a Co-generation Power Project of 24 MW based on multi-fuel boiler using primarily bagasse as a fuel. The boiler can also burn coal in times of biomass shortages.